Tavares Animal Hospital

418 East Alfred Street, Tavares, FL 32778
Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm

Office: (352) 343-7793 Emergency: (407) 644-4449

About Us

Tavares Animal Hospital opened in October of 1981. We have 3 veterinarians and 17 staff members. Tavares Animal Hospital has voluntarily achieved the high standards of the American Animal Hospital Association, qualifying it as an AAHA accredited practice member. These standards pertain to facilities, equipment, practice methods, and management. The hospital undergoes an intense accreditation process every three years in order to maintain the AAHA certification. We have worked very hard to achieve this high level of care, and we are proud of the fact that we have maintained our AAHA accreditation since 1996.

Meet our Doctors

  • Dr. Casandra Budd

    Dr. Budd of Tavares Animal Hospital

    Casandra moved to Eustis in 2009 to join the team at Tavares Animal Hospital after graduating from the University of Florida’s college of veterinary medicine. Soon after joining the team, she became a partner in the practice. After working closely for several years with Richard and Celia Thompson, her mentors and the original practice owners, she became full owner of Tavares Animal Hospital in October of 2014.
    Casandra’s pet family is made up of cats, dogs, birds and several reptiles. She has extensive personal experience with several exotic species including snakes, tortoises, prairie dogs, veiled chameleons and rabbits. In addition to her personal experience, she has taken many additional educational courses pertaining to these exotics and small mammals. This has allowed her to add a new dimension to the care provided at TAH.

  • Dr. Mackenzie Ness

    Dr. Ness was born and raised in Northwestern Pennsylvania, but has lived in Florida for most of her life. She attended the University of South Florida for her B.S. in Biology, and graduated with a DVM from Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2020. She has moved all over the country through the years, and is excited to finally settle down back in Florida near friends and family. In her free time, she loves baking, art and DIY projects, snowboarding, and hiking. Dr. Ness and her husband, Jon, have one mixed breed dog, Olive, and two cats, Juno and Finn.

  • Dr. Krista Roos

    Dr. Roos was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She completed her undergraduate degree at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and received her DVM at Western University of Health Sciences in 2019. In May 2018, Dr. Roos and her husband packed up their home and moved to Florida to be closer to family and friends. She has 2 dogs, a Ruppell’s parrot, and a leopard gecko. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, playing soccer, and being outdoors.

Meet our Staff!

  • Erynn

    (Veterinary Technician)

  • Gayle


  • Anita


  • Paula

    (Business Manager)

  • Jessica

    (Veterinary Technician)

  • Debbie

    (Veterinary Technician)

  • Cheryl


  • Jamie

    (Veterinary Technician/ Kennel Staff)

  • Jennie

    (Reception Team Leader)

  • Amanda

    (Technician Team Leader)

  • Andrea

    (Certified Veterinary Technician)

  • Nancy


  • Alaina


  • Kitty

    (Kennel Staff)

  • Brooke

    (Technician/ Kennel Staff)

  • Mary


  • Tara


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