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Boarding Your Pet During a Hurricane


Meteorologists are predicting an extremely active hurricane season this year. Many of our clients choose to board their pets with us during hurricanes in case they decide to evacuate. Some just want the peace of mind knowing their pets are safe in the event they sustain damage to their homes. We have a generator for power outages and hurricane shutters. We also have at least one staff member here at all times during a storm. Here are a few tips and requirements to keep in mind if you need to board your pets with us during a hurricane.


Call to book early.

We often fill to capacity during large storms. While we will take every animal we possibly can, we only have so much room. If you have a very small dog, cat or exotic, you may be asked to bring your own crate or cage if we are at capacity.

Ask us to add your pets to our hurricane boarding list.

We keep a list of clients that will always need to board their pets in the event of a hurricane. If you know your pet will need to board with us, feel free to give us a call and be added to the list.

We will do our best to accommodate special requests.

Some of our regular boarding clients have specific kennel preferences. Some clients request a large run for their small dogs. Some dogs do better in our largest run. While we of course try to accommodate special requests, we may need to move your pet to a smaller cage to make room for a larger dog.

We may not be able to perform extra services.

Our staff will be very busy with storm preparations in addition to our regular doctor and technician appointments and taking in extra boarders. We may not be able to accommodate requests for services that are not an emergency.

Please let us know if your pet has storm anxiety.

If you have medications you normally give for thunderstorm anxiety, please bring it. If you have a thunder shirt or something similar that helps please bring it with you. If you have not previously had anything prescribed but feel your pet would benefit from some extra help let us know ahead of time. The doctor may prescribe something that you would need to pick up at the pharmacy.


A current doctor exam and rabies vaccine are required.

A current rabies for dogs and cats is REQUIRED for boarding. An exam by one of our doctors within the past year is REQUIRED for every pet for boarding. Dogs will also need to have a current distemper/parvo vaccine and bordetella. Cats will need to be current on their feline distemper vaccine. Unless you have scheduled an appointment time, we may not be able to perform these services the day your pet is dropped off for boarding. Please make sure your pets are current well ahead of time.

Please bring your pet’s food and medications.

Please bring only enough of your pet’s food to last the length of your pet’s stay. Small bags of food are fine, no large bags please unless your pet will need that much food while here. Keeping a consistent diet can help avoid upset tummies. Please bring necessary medications in the original bottles. Bring only the medications your pet is currently taking and will need while here.

Please leave all other belongings at home.

It is challenging to keep up with patient’s belongings when our kennel is not full. It is almost impossible when we are at capacity. We are not able to keep beds and blankets. Our kennel staff has MOUNTAINS of laundry every day and it is impossible to keep up with what blanket belongs to whom. Every animal is given one or more clean blankets every day to stay comfy. Our kennel has very limited space for patient belongings and we have quite a lot of pet food and cat carriers to store.

Exotics are the exception to the rule.

If you have anything other than a cat or dog, please ask us. Depending on the species, we may need you to bring additional supplies. Often times we will prefer you bring own set up for reptiles.

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