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Cheyenne, the Dog that was hit by a Car









Cheyenne was hit by a car and picked up by Lake County Animal Services. They called Linda at Houndhaven and she agreed to take her in and pay for her treatment. When Animal Services dropped her off to us she had a deep laceration on the inside of her left front leg and multiple scrapes.













Cheyenne was such a sweet girl, she just wanted to love on us while she was being examined. Her wounds were about 1 to 2 weeks old when she was brought in. The area that is black and leathery looking is skin that had already died and needed to be removed before her wounds could be closed.









Dr. Budd performed Cheyenne’s surgery. She didn’t have enough skin to entirely close her wound and what Dr. Budd was able to close had so much tension on the skin that she wasn’t able to close it in the traditional manner. Small lengths of IV tubing were placed under the sutures to relieve some of the tension on the skin. Closing the wound in the normal manner would leave so much tension on the sutures that they would pull right through the skin.








The area that could not be closed was cleaned, bandaged and left to heal on its own. Cheyenne wore an e-collar so she wouldn’t cause further trauma as she healed.

















She had regular bandage changes at Houndhaven and several progress exams with Dr. Budd. She healed up beautifully and soon found a great home.


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