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Dog & Cat -Nutrition

– Is it safe to give my pet bones from the table?
Do not give your pet bones from the table. A hard rubber ball or leather-like chew toy is a much better bet than risking injury from bones that may splinter.

– My dog loves meat. Is it healthy to make that the main part of his diet?
While pet´s love meat, his total diet should consist of not more than 40³³ meat. By feeding only meat, he would be missing out on important other nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The best choice would be to feed your pet as your veterinarian recommends with the first visit.

– My cat loves fish. Is it healthy to feed only fish?
Cats love fish, but fish alone is not a balanced diet.

– Will my pet eat as much as I give him or does he know when he is full?
Some pets, like humans, will eat more than they need. This will cause lethargy and obesity, things you want to avoid. Please don´t let your pet get fat.

– Should pets be fed milk?
People wonder if pets in general need milk. The answer is ²²no²². Many pets have an intolerance to milk, which can cause diarrhea

– Does my kitten need to be on a special diet?
When buying food for your kitten, look for commercial pet foods that offer special formulas that are made especially for kittens less than one year old. And remember, too much milk can give your kitten diarrhea.

– How often does my puppy or kitten need to be fed?
One frequently asked question is, ²²How often should I feed my puppy or kitten?²² Between 6-12 weeks feed 3 times a day. Between 12 weeks and 6 months feed twice a day. From 6 months on feed once a day. You can also try a self-feeding program by keeping his bowl full all of the time. Be sure to select a good food like Science Diet Growth or IAMS.

– Is being overweight a serious health problem in pets?
Obesity is a serious problem for animals. Being overweight can cause liver disease, pancreatitis, back, and heart problems. He may become overheated more easily causing heat stroke. Difficulty in breathing is also apparent in overweight animals.

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