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Fun Things to do with Your Dog

german shepherd puppy playing fetch

Go to the dog park. If your dog likes to play with other dog, the dog park can be great fun and exercise. Don’t forget to bring some water and a bowl.

Play a game of fetch. Avoid using sticks to avoid injury. If you use a ball, use one that has large holes all over. Avoid balls that could obstruct your dog’s airway. Frisbees are a safe bet.

Go for a walk. Take a leisurely walk around the neighborhood and let your dog sniff all she wants. Smelling is how your dog interacts with the world around him. Let him sniff all he wants. It’s great for his mental well-being.

Go on a hike. Walking in different areas gives your dog all new smells to sniff. Walking on trails or sandy shores, hopping over logs, wading through shallow water all make use of different muscles than walking on a sidewalk.

Go for a swim. If your dog likes swimming, it can provide as much exercise as vigorous play. It’s also a great way for older dogs to get some fun and exercise while being easy on their joints. Always supervise your dog and when they get tired it’s time to take a break.

Take an obedience class. It not only provides physical exercise, but mental exercise as well. It’s just as important to exercise your dog’s mind as it is his body.

dog playing with food puzzle toy

Try a puzzle food toy. There are many different puzzle toys on the market. They come in a range of difficulty levels. You can hide little pieces of food or treats and let your dog figure out how to work the puzzle to find them. Here is a list of healthy snacks.

Go for a car ride. Most dogs love to ride in the car. You can roll the window down and let the wind blow through his fur. Make sure your dog is secure and all his parts stay inside the car. Never leave an animal alone in a car.

Try out doggie day care. If you have a very social dog, she may love going to play at doggie day care a couple times a week.

dog getting a massage

Give a massage. Dogs love a good pet. Make an event of it and give your dog a full body massage.

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