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Meet Vinny, the one eared kitten



Vinny was a stray kitten who found his way into the engine of a truck. Unfortunately no one realized Vinny was in there and he had about a 30 mile drive before he was found. Some nice ladies were able to coax a scared and injured Vinny out of the truck and he was immediately taken to the closest veterinarian and started on antibiotics and pain medication.

Vinny found a home that day with a nice couple who had recently lost their sweet kitty.

A week later Vinny came to see Dr. Josh Huffines to have another look at his wound. Vinny was estimated to be about 10 weeks old. The wound appeared to be healing well and Dr. Josh started Vinny’s kitten vaccines.

Three weeks later Vinny came back to see Dr. Josh, his wound was bothering him and he was scratching at it. It wasn’t healing well anymore and needed surgery. Dr. Josh consulted with Dr. Budd, she had an opening in her surgery schedule the next week and they decided that she would try to close the wound then.

The next week Vinny went into surgery. The surgery was somewhat complicated. Vinny’s ear was so badly injured that it was difficult to locate what was left of his ear canal. Dr. Budd cleaned out any dead tissue and sutured the wound closed, leaving an opening for what remained of Vinny’s ear canal.


Vinny, before surgery.

Vinny, before surgery.

Vinny, right after surgery.

Vinny, right after surgery.



The next day we called to check on Vinny and his owners reported that he was doing great and was as wild as ever.

Two weeks later Vinny came back for Dr. Budd to exam him and check on his progress. He was doing great and his ear canal was still open. He was feeling so much like a crazy kitten that Dr. Budd wasn’t able to remove all of his sutures. They’ll fall out on their own eventually, if they don’t, she’ll remove them when Vinny is neutered in a few months.

Vinny was one lucky kitten to not only survive his ordeal, but to find a loving home that’s willing to do whatever he needs.

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