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Allergies and Dermatology

Allergies and other skin issues can be incredibly frustrating and upsetting for pets and owners.  At Tavares, we don’t just rely on diagnosis and medication.  We work to educate you, the owner, so that you understand the issue and can take steps at home to reduce the exposure and symptoms.

Allergies in our pets can typically be broken into three categories – environmental/”atopy,” consumption/”food allergies,” and flea allergy. In most cases, these allergies will result in skin conditions, though it is important to point out, not all skin conditions are from allergies.  This means it is very important we understand, first, what is causing the issue and then put together a plan to treat it.

Tavares has in house equipment to get you results faster.  We use our full in house and outside laboratories to analyze skin scrapes and cytology, fungal cultures, perform allergy testing, and any other diagnostic services to ensure we are recommending the best care plan for your pet.

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