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Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Your Dog in 2019

dog holding Christmas present in his mouth

1 Casper Dog Bed

Have you tried a Casper mattress? They’re heavenly!

Casper has combined their mattress-making know-how with extensive dog-centered research to create a sleep environment that caters to canines’ natural behaviors.

Let sleeping dogs lie on foam

They combined pressure-relieving memory foam and durable support foam to create a bed that loves Fido back. The supportive foam bolsters of the bed also create a safe space for dogs to lay their heads — literally and figuratively.

Dogs will dig it, and scratch it

The durable cover material is one of the strongest bonded microfibers available. It features excess material on top mimicking the sensation of pawing at loose earth. So, dig in, doggies.

It’s people friendly too

The practically impenetrable nylon cover is easy to remove and machine wash.

Sewn-in pockets hide the metal zippers, so they won’t scratch your floors.

The fortified construction won’t sink, slump, or sag over time.

Comes in small, medium and large for dogs up to 90 pounds.

2 Barkbox

We LOVE Barkbox!! They toys are so much fun! These are high quality toys. If your dog tears up a toy, sometimes there’s another toy inside! Who else does that?! The treats are great, at least our dogs think so! And the themes! Let’s be real, the themes are really for us. But we love them! Barkbox doesn’t just send you toys and treats that have a theme, oh no! The paper that lines the box is themed, there’s a card inside that shows all the toys from that theme and the cute names they have. There’s always a great story or game to play with your dog or something else fun. Did I say, we LOVE Barkbox!

By dog people, for dogs (and their people).

At BARK, they want to make dogs as happy as dogs make us. Because dogs and humans are better together.

That’s why they’re committed to creating the world’s best products and experiences to satisfy each individual dog’s distinct personality and preferences.

Your dog will get a themed collection every month. Their creativity is endless!

Every BarkBox has at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month’s unique themed collection. If you prefer your dog not receive treats, just ask. Barkbox will replace your treats with an extra toy! Insider tip: If you may want all toys in the future, start out with all toys. Don’t even try the treats. They’re awesome. Dogs love them. Your dog will search the box for his treat. EVERY. TIME. Been there, still doing that. EVERY. MONTH.

Some of the past themes include:

The Knights of the Hound Table

Chewrassic Bark

The Good the Bad and the Pugly

Sniffin’ Safari

You can go for the 6-month subscription, or try it out first with just one month. Trust us, when the first box arrives, you’ll be signing up for the subscription!

To sign up, just choose boy or girl, put in your dog’s name, size, and any food allergies. That’s it!

3 Sleepypod Clickit Sport Car Harness

Looking for a harness to keep your dog safe in the event of a car crash? Sleepypod has you covered. Their Clickit Sport dog harness is crash tested.

Did you know that dog harnesses are not made to keep your dog safe in a car crash? They are made to keep your dog under your control while on a leash. And while most do a great job at it, for crash safety, you need a harness made for crash safety. Most dog harnesses can not withstand the force of a car crash. The seams can rip, the buckles can come apart, the D-rings can break. We recommend a walking harness for walking and a car harness for car rides. Luckily, the Sleepypod Clickit Sport can be used for both.

Innovative Design

Clickit Sport is Sleepypod’s next generation dog safety harness. Their unique Infinity Loop design, in combination with an energy absorbing padded vest, is engineered to work together to distribute and reduce damaging forces in an accident without the need of additional hardware or attachment straps.

Ride Along

Sleepypod’s easy to use Infinity Loop system reduces additional attachment and detachment steps. Three points of contact reduce forward and lateral movement in the event of a collision or sudden stop. Two loops extend from the Infinity Loop system to provide attachment points for insertion through, then into the vehicle’s seatbelt.

Don’t Just Take Their Word

Sleepypod rigorously tested Clickit Sport to include the same dynamic crash tests used to test child safety restraints. But don’t just take our word for it. Clickit Sport is the only harness to earn safety certification and a five-star rating from the Center for Pet Safety. 

Unique Features

  • Three-point design for use in rear passenger seat secures a dog’s entire torso
  • Broad, cushioned, energy absorbing vest for safety
  • Quick connection and release
  • Strength-tested, automotive grade materials
  • Suitable for use as a walking harness
  • Reflective strips for visibility at night
  • Easy clean vest is made of luggage-grade, ballistic nylon
  • Four sizes address a broad range of dog shapes and sizes

Colors: Jet Black, Strawberry Red, Orange Dream, Robin Egg Blue

4 KONG Toy

Why is there a Kong toy on the list? Because Kongs are the ultimate dog toy! It’s a chew toy, a fetch toy, a puzzle toy, and a food toy all in one! You can make the fun last all day if you stuff it with something great!

You can stuff them with peanut better, treats or your pup’s food. Kong makes Kong Stuff’N in different flavors. They even have recipes on their website. Our favorites are Chicken Pot Pie and Frosty Froyo.

There’s a size and chewing style for every dog, from a chihuahua puppy to an English Mastiff.

Chew Toy

Durable, natural KONG Rubber satisfies your dog’s instinctual need to chew. KONG helps dogs (and puppies!) learn appropriate chewing behavior.


It’s important to keep your dog happy and healthy. KONG helps provide mental and physical stimulation.

Fetch Toy

A unique shape and dynamic rubber gives KONG an unpredictable bounce, sparking chasing instincts with a crazy rebound that’s different every time.

Puzzle Toy

Stuff strategically with your dog’s favorite snacks for tons of healthy mental and physical stimulation that keeps your pup busy–and happy.

Food Bowl

Feeding meals from a KONG helps manage weight by slowing eating while providing a satisfying mental and physical challenge.

5 Outward Hound Puzzle Toys

If your pup needs something to occupy her mind, puzzle toys are it.

Outward Hound’s puzzle toys are food and dishwasher safe. They come in 3 levels of difficulty and several different styles. Hide treats in different compartments to keep your pup busy. Use the toy as a food bowl to slow your big eater down or make meal time more interesting. Most of the puzzles can be made more difficult as your pup figures them out. Great for food motivated dogs. Get several and leave them around the house to occupy your pup for a while!

6 The 5 Second Dog Parka

Dogs are our best friends. They do everything with us. And when winter rolls around, there is no stopping them. Winter dog jackets need to be easy to get on, keep your dog warm and active, and last a lifetime. The jacket you wear in the winter is all of these things, why shouldn’t your dogs be?


With a self-adjusting neck, one clip, and velcro sides, this parka is a breeze to get on your pup. Whether you have a senior dog with movement issues or a high energy puppy raring to go, they’ll be able to get outside – in 5 seconds or less!


With only one measurement – your dog’s neck to the base of their tail – they guarantee it will fit, regardless of their shape, size, chest, or breed. And the functional design ensures they’ll be able to run, jump, move, and explore freely, no matter the weather.


With premium Thinsulate lining, a perfectly balanced Canadian goose down fill, a soft and cozy microfleece lining and an incredibly durable water and snow-resistant shell, this jacket can take anything your pup throws at it!


No more buying your best friend a coat every season – this is it! With incredibly durable fabric and the workmanship they put into it, they offer a 5 Year Guarantee.

7 Petsafe Drinkwell Fountain

Keep your pet healthy and hydrated by providing them with a convenient supply of fresh, filtered water. Fountains encourage your pet to drink more because they are instinctively attracted to moving water. Activated carbon filters keep the water tasting fresh by removing bad tastes and odors. Foam filters protect the pump by catching dirt and hair from the water. With a wide range of styles and sizes, PetSafe has the right fountain choice for you and your pet.

8 Friendship collar

Because friends should match! A collar for your pet and a matching bracelet for you. So many designs to choose from, including seasonal styles. There’s a style for every personality. With sizes from 6 inches to 25 inches there’s a size for every pet.   These are not your typical dog collars, they’re beautiful! And every purchase provides 5 pounds of food for a shelter animal.

9 Snuffle Mat

The nose work snuffle mat is more than just a super fun way to engage with and reward your pup. The Sniff Diggy easy-to-use nose work mat actually provides the same amount of sensory and cognitive stimulation for your pup as a walk around the block.

Nose work is a beneficial activity for dogs – getting them to engage and develop their most vital sensory skill, their sense of smell. The activity mimics the inherent foraging and hunting activities dogs’ wolf ancestors needed to engage in on a daily basis. These snuffle mats are great for keeping senior dogs’ mental acuity at its best as well as encouraging cognitive development in puppies. Dogs of any age or breed can engage in and benefit from nose work activities.

Simply tuck your pup’s favorite treats into the nooks created by the fabric strips of the snuffle mat. Pat the strips down to conceal the treats. Let your dog go at it!

10 Furbo

Furbo is the only pet camera with treat dispenser designed just for dogs. The dog treat camera lets you see, talk, and toss treats to your dog when you’re not home.

Fill it with over 100 pieces of your dogs’ favorite treats & play a game of catch. 

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