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Water Cremation for Pets

hand holding dog paw

We are offering a new service to our clients who have lost a beloved pet. In addition to private and communal cremation, we are now offering aquamation.

Aquamation , also referred to as water cremation, is closer to natural decomposition than any other method of disposition. The aquamation process uses gentle water flow, temperature and alkalinity to accelerate the natural method of breaking down organic matter. A process that would take nature months or years is reduced to just 24 hours. The scientific name for this process is alkaline hydrolysis. It is the same process that occurs as part of nature’s course when a body is laid to rest in the soil.

With aquamation, your pet’s body is placed in a container that is then placed inside a clean, stainless steel vessel. A combination of gentle water flow, temperature, and alkalinity are used. This accelerates the natural process of tissue hydrolysis. All organic material is reduced to its most basic building blocks. At the end of the aquamation process, your companion’s physical components have been returned to their natural elements. The elements are dispersed in water with only the solid bone remaining. The bone minerals are processed into powder and returned to the family in an urn.

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